Glodok China Town

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Pancoran Glodok in West Jakarta has been recognized as the Jakarta Chinatown. This little town was firstly developed in around 1740 to 1750 during the Dutch colonial time, when the East Indies Company (VOC) designated this zone as a residential area for ethnic Chinese in Jakarta.  Home buildings, temples, shops, traditional market and other commercial trade places were built and developed in this area; from Pancoran to Petak Sembilan and Gloria, and extended to Pinangsia on the other side of the block.

Here you can still feel the chinese old days atmosphere, see the buildings, chinese temples, old-style shops, row of traditional chinese medicines shops on the Pancoran walkway, chinese restaurant and many local streetfood in Gloria gangway. They still exist till today.


Getting there

Just 15 minutes walk from our hostel location to get to this Pancoran and Glodok area.


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