Kali Besar River Park

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Kali Besar (de Groote Rivier) refers to the channel connecting Sunda Kelapa in the north to the south part in old town of Jakarta, parallel to Ciliwung River in their east disemboguing at the heart of the old city of Jakarta. Literally meaning Grand River, this channel is now part of Kali Krukut (Krukut river) in Tambora subdistrict.

The Kali Besar bend was once straightened out on the orders of Jacques Specx in 1631-1632. In the early days of Batavia in 17th century, ships usually sailed along a Kanaal to Kali Besar, where unloading and ship repairs were also done in dockyard in front of the long Kasteel but due to deposition of sand in the estuary and the size of the ships were getting bigger they could no longer pass the channel. The boats were then pulled by horses and slaves. For larger ships, passengers and cargoes were unloaded into small boats or barges.


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