National Archives Building Jakarta

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The National Archives Building (Indonesian: Gedung Arsip Nasional) is a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The building, formerly a late 18th-century private residence of Governor-General Reinier de Klerk, is part of the cultural heritage of Jakarta. The house is an archetypal Indies-Style house of the earliest period.

In 1900, there were plans to dismantle it and build shops in its place. Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen ("Batavia association for art and science"), which de Klerk actually established, intervened to save him. Among other things, Genootschap grants furniture that is still visible in the building.

Until 1925, this building was used by the Mining Department of the Dutch East Indies colonial government. Then, the place was made into Lands archief ("state archive"), which after Indonesia became a national archive building. In 1974, the national archive was transferred to a new building on Jalan Ampera, South Jakarta. After the transfer was completed in 1979, the building was not used at all and its condition worsened towards the 1990s. [3]

In the same year, there were rumors that the old building would be dismantled by the family of former president Suharto to build shops, as in 1900. The building was rescued by a group of Dutch businessmen who founded Stichting Cadeau Indonesia ("Indonesian gift foundation") who wanted to give it as a birthday gift 50th Indonesia. The foundation collects funds to sue and make it a museum. [3]

The restoration was completed in early 1998. On May 13 there was a riot in Jakarta. The bank next to it was burned, and the Archive Building allowed bank employees to take refuge in it. The rioters chased them inside, but the workers who were still in place were evicted and did not want their work to be destroyed. [4]

Now, the building is managed by a foundation without assistance from the government and used as a place of exhibition. The garden is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. And it was so beautiful that the locals were invited to use the garden as a public facility.



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